Nautilus Tiger Shark Maldives Trip, January 2024

780.00 KD1,100.00 KD

Join us on a trip of a lifetime to Fuvahmulah, the unique island atoll in Maldives. Home of Tiger Sharks, Thresher Sharks and Hammerheads. and the maldives only single island administrative atoll. This atoll boasts the most diverse coral ecosystems in the country with its healthy habitats and unique coral sand beach formations. This atoll is unique due to its single island and its bowl form. Diving with sharks is exhilarating. You’ll get to experience different shark personalities and learn their behaviors. I guarantee that you’ll leave this trip more of a shark advocate. Being a one-island atoll itself and the third largest island in the Maldives (if not for land reclamation), Fuvahmulah includes a diverse range of habitats ranging from tropical woodlands and wetlands to freshwater lakes, well-vegetated marshland areas, white sandy beaches of different variations and pebble texture plus gravel beaches and fertile lands of humus greater in area than any other island in the Maldives.