SEAC Reverse Dry Snorkel

SEAC Reverse Dry Snorkel

7.50 KD

  • SEAC Reverse Dry Snorkel with Dry Top System and Purge Valve
  • Fitted with a silicone mouthpiece that can be oriented either to the right or left side, depending on personal taste and teaching methods followed
  • Equipped with Dry Top system that prevents water from accidentally entering the top of the snorkel even when diving
  • Practical and comfortable: the tube section is corrugated so that the snorkel can be moved away from the face when breathing with the regulator
  • Purge valve to drain any excess water from the snorkel

SEAC Reverse Dry is the ideal snorkel for scuba diving. Comfortable and easy to attach to the mask from either side thanks to the practical clip, SEAC Reverse Dry is a snorkel that can be swivelled either to the right or left, depending on personal taste and the teaching methods followed.

The ergonomic mouthpiece is made of soft silicone to keep the jaw relaxed for longer.

Equipped with a Dry Top system, this snorkel prevents water from accidentally entering the top, even when diving. The end of the tube has a corrugated section to push the snorkel away during scuba diving, thus avoiding hitting the second stage of the regulator.

The purge valve, located below the mouthpeice, allows any excess water to drain from the mouthpiece valve.

SEAC Reverse Dry is available in different colours, for a perfect match with SEAC brand diving masks and fins.