SEAC IT300 Regulator SET (Includes Octo, SPG, & Reg. Bag)

SEAC IT300 Regulator SET (Includes Octo, SPG, & Reg. Bag)

155.00 KD

The brand-new IT 300 regulator is one of the best regulators on the SEAC range. It features many of the technologies available on the market that optimise performance without compromising ergonomics and ease of use.

Comes complete with SEAC compact SPG and SEAC MATE Regulator Bag.

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  • It has a dive/pre-dive lever to optimise the Venturi effect, eliminating the annoying phenomenon of free flow if the regulator is left in the water.
  • The generously sized purge button, made of soft PU in 2 materials enhances the SEAC logo, is an integral part of the front cover embellished with shiny and matt finishes, optimises both operations even with thick gloves, and the passage of water, reducing breathing effort and avoiding, given the synergy between the front and side openings, possible free flow due to the force of currents that are deflected by the front cover.
  • The exhaust deflector, thanks to its unique geometryprevents water infiltration into the second stage through the exhaust valve, even in the presence of strong side currents and at the same time, conveys the expelled bubbles to the sides of the face, avoiding annoying exhaust bubbles in front of the field of vision, with consequent reduction of the same.
  • The brand new 2-material LP Hose guard to emphasise the SEAC brand and give it structure and stability, re designed in diameter and length to avoid any kinking of the LP Hoses, it generates a LP Hose shape that is optimised and ergonomic comfort for the user.
  • The first stage is machined using computerised machining centres to reduce its weight, and has all the outlets, both HP and LP, ergonomically oriented for all the components connected to it: second stageoctopuspressure gaugejacket LP Hosedry suit LP Hose and transmitter.
  • It is Balanced Diaphragm First stage with high air flow and high performance through all depth ranges. Has 2 high pressure ports and 4 low pressure ports. The chrome-plated finish enhances its aesthetic appearance.
  • Available in DIN.
  • EN250 A certified for cold water.

Comes complete with a brand new semi-rigid preformed case with an ultra-resistant fabric finish, handle and internal conformers for excellent protection of the regulator assembly during transport